Is this relevant to my game?

Yes every single bit of this research on all these creatures is relevant to my game, I will be using every single creature I research for my cards/characters in my game and they will also be featured in some of the backgrounds while you are playing the game. The world of Paradox has a rich backstory and only part of it is given to it straight away, the rest of it is hidden within levels in the game or hidden in certain pages of the bestiary that will come with the game that the player will have to piece together adding more depth to the game than just the gameplay aspects of it.

What is the bestiary?

The bestiary will be a free online book that you will get within the first month of purchasing the game, further down the line I will be releasing a physical copy that can be bought. It will include over a 100 supernatural creatures and it will have sketches for every single one of them and will include descriptions of each of them allowing the player to familiarise themselves with all the weird and wonderful creatures in the world of Paradox.

What is the impact of this?

This will add more depth to the game allowing the players to dive deeper into the rich backstory of the game, I think this will help with playing the game because I will put strategies within the book with certain classes and creatures will help people when creating their own personal decks and when trying to defeat their enemy.


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