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Research [13/03]

Brief Description

Wendigos also known as the jersey devil are found in Algonquin Folklore (Native Americans), they are normally depicted as psychotic creatures that live in the dark parts of a forest and are feared for their cannibalistic diet and super human abilities.


Wendigos were humans that were stranded without food and their only source of survival was other humans either dead or alive, they started to kill and eat the other humans causing them to mutate into a disfigured humanoid figure that caves human flesh. Then they start to develop loads of animalistic features. Wendigos are based of the Wendigo Psychosis which is a culture-bound syndrome that is largely found Algonquin Native Americans, this causes the inflicted to experience in-explainable cravings of human flesh even when other food sources are available and being scared of becoming a cannibal, this started to happen when many places where the Algonquin Tribe live started to undertake urbanisation.




Wendigos are disfigured creatures but still hold some humanoid features, they are really skinny and tall making them really intimidating, they have long fingers and blade like nails used for killing their prey. Because they have became a lot more skinny you can Wendigos look incredibly bony making their face look more like a skull, their teeth have became a lot more sharper making making all of their teeth look like canines, they also start to grow deer horns, the ones with the largest horns are the oldest most mature wendigos. They also eventually turn blind which increases their other senses.




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