Research [16/03]

Brief Description

Zombies are reanimated corpses that have crave human flesh, when biting a human they can pass on the infection, they are not always mindless creatures as people always sees them as, sometimes there is a dark priest using the power of Necromancy to raise them for his own personal gain.


ZombiesĀ are widely featured in rural Haitian and African Folklore as a dead person physically reanimated by the act of Necromancy of a Bokor, the Bokor is the equivalent of a Sorcerer/Witch in Haitian culture, these zombies are slaves of the Bokor for the eternity and will never have a will of their own. In Hatian Folklore it is said that everyone has a part of their soul that is linked to zombies called the “Zombie Astral” if a Bokor can capture this it will greatly increase their power allowing them to raise more Zombies.

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Zombies are reanimated humans but this causes them to loose all feeling physical and mental giving them an advantage in a fight, they are also very sensitive to sound because reanimation caused their eyesight to deteriorate. Because they are already dead their are very few ways to kill them again which allows them to last long in a fight.



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