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Brief Description

These creatures are pure evil created to feed on humans for eternity, they are the cousins of The Vampires. They are born Human with ¼ Demon DNA within them. The only way to kill them is to burn them completely to a crisp or decapitate them. They have hardly an weaknesses only Iron other than that none at all (not even daylight or vervain) even though they are a part of the Vampire family. Their only downfall is their unfathomable hunger if they resist eating human parts or drinking blood they go crazy making them really dizzy and their vision becomes blurry making them very vulnerable. One vast difference between them and Vampires are that Upir’s can have children carrying on their genes.


Upir are a vampire-like species found in Ukrainian Folklore when they are in their human form they can die. To enter their Upir form they need to commit suicide once they do, they are immortal only aging till their 40’s then stopping completely. Upirs also have a unique defining feature that shows their demonic lineage etc their eyes being an abnormal colour.

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Upirs have a human appearance but their abilities are what sets them apart from humans. They have Super Human Strength being able to easily tare away a humans limb and over power any human in hand to hand combat, another things they have is Enhanced Senses so their hearing, sight and smell are all increased by a large amount, if they cannot control it they can get overwhelmed and pass out, to keep themselves alive they have regenerative healing being able to be shot multiple times and still heal within an hour or two with little to no medical attention and finally they have the ability to compel people which is being able to control the minds of humans to tell them what you want.




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