Reflective Entry 11 [08/05/2017]

Today we did an exercise till lunch to find out what our technical and theoretical problems were for our projects and how to solve them then after lunch we carried on with our project development I then finished 2 pages in my bestiary one was Vervain and the other was Symptoms of Lycanthropy.


Reflective Entry 10 [27/04/2017]

Today I set a target to complete two pages which I did, we also did an exercise to find out what everyone wanted tutorials on and I got feedback that I should do some of the pages in different styles to look like the writer changes environments and how with some pages look more rushed than others which I touched on with my latest page using a brush fineliner.

Reflective Entry 9 [26/04/2017]

Today I finished of the drawing and started of the annotations for the Mountain Ash Tree and will carry on to do that later on tonight, the reason I have not done that much work with my final product because we did a research exercise for the majority of the lesson to help us with peer feedback and doing research in general. I think I managed my time well in this lesson considering we spent the majority of the lesson doing a research exercise which I think was really beneficial to me because it helped me find ways to gather more in depth research in a shorter period of time.

Reflective Entry 8 [30/03]

Today we created a timetable to follow in the holidays and further on, I also made survey and got 24 people to do the survey which will help with all my research and I have researched some more creatures and started reading the book I have referenced.Capture.PNGCapture 2.PNGCapture 3.PNG

Group Crit Reflection [27/03]

Today we merged classes with the other creative media class and got into groups of 4, we all said our ideas one after the other and gave each other feedback on it, I got loads of good feedback saying that my idea is amazing and what its based on makes the game even more interesting but I also got some not so good feedback, Brodie said that I should base the classes more of things out of Folklore and less of fantasy based classes and then I got some really crucial feedback of Kenneth and Will saying that I need to manage my time really well because I have a large project, I really think that if I don’t manage my time well enough there is a chance that I wont finish my project to the standard I want too.

Reflective Entry 7 [23/03]

Today I didn’t manage to do much project development because for the first 3 sessions of the day we did workshops/tutorials to help us manage our work/time properly and also help us decide how hard we want to work which in the end will decide our grade but I did get to block out my second character and research a creature but I will make up for the time lost when I get home and will carry on research and sketches there.

Reflective Entry 6 [20/03]

Today I finished of the research for the Creatures in class but I will be still researching them outside of class to build up my bestiary, I researched Fenrir the Norse Worlf, the Irish Werewolf and a Gargoyle these creatures are some of the more unknown folklore which also impacts my project positively by teaching people some of the more unknown folklore we don’t really understand. I finally started sketching the first character which is going to be in the Witch Doctor class and wrote up all the backstory and made a mood board for the inspirations I used to create the sketch, on Wednesday I will start refining and improving the sketch and finally get into finishing the first character. I think I managed my time really well today being able to research a few creatures and start my first character.

Reflective Entry 5 [16/03]

Today I set myself 3 targets and accomplished all three of them in time. My first target was to research 2 creatures from 9:00am to 10:30am which was El Cuco and the Voodoo Zombie, then my next target was to do the same thing but from 10:45am to 12:15pm which I accomplished and them two creatures were the Black Shuck and Cerebus and finally my last target was to research 3 creatures which were the Leshy, Dhampir and the Dullahan I accomplished this in the time I gave myself which was 2:45pm to 5:00pm. In total today I have researched 5 creatures which is good progress because I have to research at least 60 creatures within this project, I am doing a 100 day challenge which started yesterday [15/03] and that is to research at least one folklore creature a day but I always end up researching more, this challenge end at June the 24th, this will greatly affect my research and will help my project massively.

Reflective Entry 4 [13/03]

Today I finished my research for my Wendigo which includes a full origin story, mood board, features of the creature and a brief summary. I have been given feedback of Ben on my Proposal & Statement of Intent and corrected everything he asked me to. I have 1 more creatures to finish research for today which is an Upir, which I will upload to here tonight. I also got some positive feedback of Adam which I think will really benefit my game, he said ” You should add a evolution feature to my game, so say I summon a card called Undead Sorcerer then evolve it using Dark Points when killed enough enemies with it, then it will evolve to Demi Lich then eventually turn into Arch Lich.” I think this is an amazing idea because it is something that is very uncommon in card games and I think it would be good to add something new to the card game base theme.

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