Research [30/03]

Brief Description

The Nuckelavee is a horse-like demon that roams the country side of the Orkney Islands, it is a fusion of a human and horse and has bright red eyes and has no skin so all you can see is muscle.


The Nuckelavee is a vital part of Orcadian Folklore, they are known to come from the ocean and their only purpose to ruin anything natural in the world and to kill anyone or anything that stands in their way. It comes out the ocean once a year to terrorize everything they can produce a black fume that kills anything and spreads disease to any thing near it allowing it to destroy whole villages, the only way to evade this creature is to run across some fresh running water (e.g a stream) and they will not be able to follow you.

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This horrifying creature is purely muscle and bone giving it a big scare factor, its red eyes are normally the first thing you see before it attacks and considering its giant size it has immense strength meaning nothing and no one can stand in its way other than fresh running water. The black fumes it produces can spread disease to anything around it meaning everything near it will die.



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