Research [22/03]

Brief Description

The word Lycan is the proper name for a Werewolf, the reason for this is because of the disease that causes someone to turn into a Werewolf is called Lycanthropy this disease causes the user to turn into a man like wolf with enhanced abilities.


The tale of a man turned Lycan is older than many think, the first recorded Lycan story dates back all the way too 27 AD and has passed through history all the way to the modern times and still exists to this day. They only really exist within European Folklore but have relatives in other cultures, the most common way someone may become a Lycan is removing all clothing and putting on a belt made of wolf skin, another way is to drink out of a puddle made by a wolf/lycan foot print and finally the last well known way is to get bit by one normally an alpha.

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Lycans are very powerful creatures especially when their human side is not in control, they have super human strength, speed, senses and tracking skills if they focus their senses correctly, even though they are very powerful they have a downside to themselves, if a Lycan turns way to much in a short amount of time the wolf side of them will completely takeover this is called Vargulf form, in Vargulf form they turn completely wild and kill pretty much anything in sight.



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