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Brief Description

The Leshy is a Wood Spirit and is classed as the Lord of the Forests, he is normally depicted as an old bearded man who will small talk with people who pass through the forest to see if they are well brought up and have no intention of harming the forest. He does have another form which is a humanoid tree which is his true form.


The Leshy is a creature from Slavic Folklore but is most commonly told in Russia, they are beings of the forest and their role is to protect the forest and its inhabitants, it doesn’t harm humans unless they have intentions of harming the forest or are bad mannered and annoy the Leshy. If you are nice to the Leshy it will help you get to your destination safely and you wont have to worry about getting lost or being attacked within the forest, if you harm the forest or anger the Leshy he will cause you to get lost within the forest and he wont allow you to escape unless you apologise for the wrong doing you have done. If you want to get rid of the Leshy’s ┬áinfluence it is rumored if you turn your clothes inside it the Leshy cannot influence you. Even though the Leshy is widely seen as a pure being, some see him as a being of darkness some even to the lengths of calling him a demon.

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The Leshy has the power to transform from his true for in to an old bearded man, they have the power to influence the human brain and make them go where the Leshy wants them to, he is also immortal so try and not anger him because he will never forget it.




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