Research [20/03]

Brief Description

The Irish Werewolf is different from his European family, instead of being a ruthless killer that goes around and kills people/animals for food or because they have provoked him, the Irish Werewolf protects children, women, wounded men and people who are lost.


The Irish Werewolf’s were once fierce warrior that had very prominent canine teeth, they were experts at hunting humans and animals, they eventually started acting like wolves adopting their behaviour and some of their skills and then started to wear wolf fur. These warriors lived close by to supernatural forces and when they were ready they completed the ritual and turned into the shape shifting werewolf, in this form their skills were doubled and they were able to complete tasks no man could, but they were mainly used for the protection of people that couldn’t defend themselves.

The thought monster never ever crossed my mind. I totally get it, and it's a rather romantic and powerful association:


Even though the Irish Werewolf is peaceful compared to its European counterpart it still has the same abilities with a few differences, it has the usual super human strength, speed, senses and agility. They are amazing trackers being able to track anything in human form or wolf form and they can transform at will with no disadvantages meaning they are not bound by the moon.



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