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Brief Description

These monstrous little creatures love to mess about and trick people, they are greedy and powerful in number so be careful if you see one because they might not be alone.


Goblins originate from European Folklore they were first mentioned in stories around the Middle Ages around the 14th Century, they are always small never going anywhere over 5ft tall and are really greedy which is normally their downfall, they are pretty weak on their own because of them being physically weak but mentally they are quite strong allowing them to posses the knowledge to cast lesser spells to protect themselves and trick weak minded humans but in a group they can be very dangerous so be wary.

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Being very small they have to rely on numbers if they ever want to fight anything, they are very smart when it comes to getting something they want and that something is normally gold so make sure you hide it well, they can also cast certain spells giving them an advantage against humans especially weaker humans.



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