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Brief Description

Gargoyles are the protectors of Humans, they are placed on buildings when the building is being build they seem just like normal statues but when humans are threatened by supernatural forces they come to life and stop the humans from being hurt.


Gargoyles have been around since Ancient Egypt and still are placed on buildings today, they are known to be statues with the ability to come to life the only reason they will come to life is to protect humans from supernatural evil forces that dare to come in range of them, a lot of the time lesser evil wont venture near them because they are scared of being killed. They are widely used within religious buildings because they are meant to ward of evil.

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A Gargoyle has super strength allowing to defeat the majority of demons that will pose a threat to the humans or any humans working for the demons, they also have the ability to fly thanks to their wings allowing them to cover vast distances in a small amount of time.



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