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Brief Description

El Cuco (also pronounced Cuco, Coca, Cuca, Cucuy) is a Mythical Creature which is the equivalent to the Bogeyman, the legend of El Cuco is of Hispanic origin, there is more than one of them and they have a gender. Cuco being the male creature and Coca being the female, even though they have a gender you cant distinguish which is which.


In Spain/Latin American some parents would provoke El Cuco as a way to prevent their children from misbehaving, they would do this by singing a lullaby which would say that they will get eaten by El Cuco if they do misbehave. El Cuco has been said to kidnap the misbehaving children and lock them away in a spirit world or sometimes if they are really bad the El Cuco will devour the child whole without a trace left of them, sometimes an El Cuco and Coca will work together, the Coca will scout out and make sure the cost is clear while the Cuco will transform into a shadow allowing it to sneak up on the child and take them. Below is one of the lullaby’s are sung to provoke El Cuco.

“Duérmete niño, duérmete ya…

Que viene el Coco y te comerá.

Sleep child, sleep now…
here comes the Coco and he will eat you.”

Image result for el cucuyFeatures

El Cuco has the ability to transform into things to scare children like shadows for instance, this also allows the El Cuco to sneak up on the child without detection, they also have superhuman agility allowing them to outrun any human and most animals, this also allows them to scale buildings and run across the top of the jumping from building to building which also helps them move undetected. They also have Enhanced Strength allowing them survive any confrontation and allows them to get easy access to a building just by breaking a window/door with ease.



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