Research [21/03]

Brief Description

Dwarfs are hardy small human like creatures that dwell in the mountains and caves and are normally associated with wisdom and crafting.


Dwarfs originate from Germaic Folklore in the 13th century, they are said to be born from maggots that lingered on the corpse of the giant Ymir, the gods decided to give these maggots humanoid features and faces and they soon became the Dwarfs, they have an affinity for the earth and what it provides to them, they are seen as the best crafters alive being able to create anything, they are also very wise and have seen the world flourish because of their age.


Because of their age they are very intelligent this also links into their skill of craftsmanship these two combined allow them to create almost anything, don’t be fooled by their size because they are very hardy creatures and don’t give up easily, because they can craft anything they are formidable opponents because their weapons and defences are a lot more advanced than most people’s.



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