Research [16/03]

Brief Description

The Dhampir is a Vampire/Human hybrid causing them to have all the advantages of a Vampire like super strength, speed, senses and they also posses immortality, they also are not harmed by silver and daylight, but they still need to feed.


Dhampir’s originate from Balkan Folklore, they are the offspring of a Male Vampire and a Female Human but not any vampire and human can have one, it has to be the human he loved when he was alive otherwise it will not work, the birth of a Dhampir is a rare occasion within folklore because of the difficulty of creating them because a lot of vampires out live their loved ones. They are really powerful because they are not effected by a lot of the weaknesses that a standard vampire is and they can easily blend in with other humans because of their more human appearance.

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Because of their Human parent they are immune to silver and daylight which are very common weaknesses of the common vampire, they have a more human appearance which helps them blend in with human society. Dhampirs have the same strength, speed and senses of a common vampire and still need blood to sustain them, because they are part human they don’t struggle with the emotional pain of being a full vampire and they can┬ástill have a baby with humans allowing them to multiply easier, but they struggle when feeding because of they still have the morals of their human side.



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