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The Black Shuck is the name of the ghostly Black Dog which is said to roam the coastline/countryside of East Anglia, England. The Black Shuck is one of the many black dogs that roam the whole of England, they are said to be the omen of death and seeing one will cause you to die in the near future.


The people of England for years have told tales of a pitch black dog with flaming red eyes or in some cases just one eye, according to some reports of people seeing the dog they say it is the size of a cattle or even a horse making it a frightful sight for anyone who comes across it. It’s howl causes the hearer’s blood to run cold, it is said if you hear the howl of the Black Shuck close your eyes so you cannot see it, if you dare to look at the Black Shuck you will die in the same year.

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The Black Dog cannot dies as it is a ghost making it indestructible, it also has pitch black fur and flaming red eyes so at night all you would see is glowing red eyes which will mean certain death for the person who sees it. It’s howl scares any human being enough for them to close their eyes so they cannot see it and it also has the power to kill someone with just a glance making it really powerful. Finally, its size is even scarier than the howl, instead of it being the size of a normal dog it is the size of a cattle/horse making it a laregly feared creature.



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