Research [15/03]

Brief Description

An Aswang is a shape shifting monster in Filipino Folklore who posses a combination of the traits of either a vampire, a ghoul, a witch/warlock or a certain species of werebeast. They are noted to be the most feared creature in the Philippines.


The Aswang normally walks round as either a domestic creature or a human to blend in they only transform to their true form when they want to eat. Their diet consists of blood and embryotic fluid, they only drink blood when they cant find their favourite food which is embryotic fluid, an easy way they get this is if they are male they can impregnate a human female and then get the fluid that way and can just say its a miscarriage.

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The Aswang has the ability to transform into anything it likes making it really stealthy and gives it easy access to anywhere. They also have supernatural climbing abilities allowing them to scale nearly amnything, they also have superhuman strength which helps with killing stronger threats.



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