End of Year Show Evaluation

End of Year Show Evaluation

As a part of our Unit 13 brief we had to present our work at the end of year show, we got marked on how we presented our work which I think I did really well. With presenting my work I took inspiration from the TV Show Grimm where in some scenes they are in a trailer passed down through the protagonist’s family line in these scenes he is normally sat in front of a messy desk full of scrap pieces of paper out of the many bestiary’s he own while also reading from one of them. I took this and tried to recreate it as accurately as possible to make sure I gave the effect they were at the hunter’s desk while reading the book. Below is a picture of the final look I chose for my presentation even though I thought of a few other methods of presenting my work, I honestly feel this showed of my work the best.

With the sheets scattered around the book I made sure they linked to the book to add a darker effect to the book I also gave them an old/battered effect to make sure it links to the theme I was going with the book. I did not take a picture but our class has a plastic skull that’s just left around so I decided to put it just above my book to add to the dark effect but I forgot to take a picture when I made that amendment, I feel like my presentation went really well especially the layout I picked for it. I did make a small alteration when I placed it because I didn’t have the page on my book at first it was under it at this time the book looked really plain so I decided to take one of the pages and put it on the blank spot on the book I think this improved how my book looked, I think that if I had managed my time better before the presentation I could of found some old looking cloth and maybe some candles to add the desk effect to it which would of made my presentation a lot more aesthetically pleasing. The only thing I didn’t like was that I didn’t get to weather the book before the presentation as I had originally planned which I think would gave my book more depth and story to it this ties in with my time management before the presentation day. I didn’t get much feedback but I did get told that the way I presented it made it look genuine, Adam thought that I could do with another copy of the book so more than one person could read it in depth at the same time and Tim thought that if I had managed my time better I could of done the pages around it with printing techniques and calligraphy to make them look older.19576060_1364843956885436_567848264_n

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