Presentation Document

This Document will contain three different ways I can present my work in the End of Year Show, I will be summarising each of the three ways and say why it is effective but I will also be stating the disadvantages of each of three ways.

Presentation Style 1:

For this one I wanted to scan each one of my pages and touch them up on photoshop and create a e-book for my book, this is effective because it will allow me to add extra effects to the book to make it more aesthetically pleasing to the viewer and also to project my book from any damage just in case the book falls and gets damaged or someone accidentally rips a page or somehow damages it in anyway but the disadvantages of this one is that it will take away the effect I was going for with a with a hand drawn and hand written book and the feeling of turning the page to see another page that nice little surprise is taken away with an e-book.

Presentation Style 2:

The Second way I could present it is having a table and putting a cloth onto it then getting a pedestal for the book and putting the book on it allowing people to easily go through the book without having to hold it, I was also thinking of putting random pieces of paper on the desk with certain information on things and random sketches to make it seem like it’s the hunters desk. This is effective because it will look aesthetically pleasing and will have a very nice effect to it, the disadvantages to this one is that I need to find a pedestal to put the book on then produce all the little sheets of paper and then figure out where to find an oldy looking cloth to put on the table.

Presentation Style 3:

The final way I could present my project is dressing up as the hunter and presenting it from his point of view meaning that I would be speaking about the things in the book like I have encountered them, to give this more of an effect I will also be using the desk from Presentation Style 2 just without the pedestal I will also make some fake business cards. I think this is really effective because it allows them to ask me questions about the book and I can answer them from the books point of view and it will also allow them to delve into the world in the book more, the disadvantages are high with this one because I don’t have anything to wear that could link to this hunter and I also don’t have enough time to make loads of business cards.




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