My Theoretical Problem

The major problem with my project is trying to aim it at a specific audience, the reason for this is because I said the audience is people who like anything supernatural but that is way too broad of an audience so I will have to look at the audience of a lot of supernatural shows a decide when it comes to their audience what it is that they have in common, I also think that my final major product has an educational value to it because it will teach people (mainly the younger generation) about folklore and other things that link to the supernatural, the reason why this is a problem is that people may decide to just go online and look the stuff up and because of the modernisation of many supernatural things it won’t actually tell whoever looks it up everything they need to know which is what I want my bestiary to do, I want my bestiary to be as educational as possible which causes the problem of research because of this I will have to make sure that my research will be thorough and correct. I have done research into my audience to find out who they are, when doing this I realised that my audience is 16 to early 20s which backs up my idea of teaching younger people about Folklore and Mythology, another thing I was happy about when finding this out is that all my peers fall into that age range meaning I can ask them for feedback and it will really help that the feedback I get is from my target audience, I have also done research on books containing Folklore and Mythology, while doing this research I realised a lot of the books are just words with no illustrations which doesn’t appeal to my target audience as much as a book with illustrations does which links to the idea of my book having an educational value to it for younger people because they will be drawn to it because it has illustrations.


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