Reflective Entry 12 [24/05/2017]

Today I had a 1 to 1 with Beth and she said I really need to add more planning documents to my project which will show how I have planned my book and what will be going into it. Most of all this was changing the look of the book, we decided that considering that the book is a Hunters Manual/Bestiary it was obvious that the Hunter would be carrying it around with him all the time which means the book would sustain some damage while being carried around, so we had the idea to weather the book. I have made a list of all the things I could add to the book to weather it and give the book depth and a bit of hidden story behind it.

  • Ripping – I think that ripping some of the pages on the edges will add a nice effect to it and will definitely show that it has been through some battles, I also though that ripping a page out partly would give the effect that there was something important on that page that the hunter didn’t want anyone to know, this would make the reader think of what it could be adding a mysterious effect to the book.
  • Coffee Stains – Because I have set my book in Modern Times I thought it would be fitting to add a few coffee cup stain on some of the pages and add some spilt coffee on a page or two to show that he could of been interrupted while writing the book.
  • Burning – Some of the creatures are linked to fire e.g. Willow O’ Wisp so I was thinking that burning a bit of the page around the edges would add a dangerous effect to it complimenting the creatures behaviour.
  • Water Damage – The hunter will have encounters that will require him to go into the water either to attack something or escape something causing water damage on some of the pages.
  • Blood – When he is writing a page at least one of the times he will get attacked causing him to bleed on one of the pages, we were going to use something for fake blood but it wouldn’t give the same effect because blood goes brown after a while so I asked the class to see if anyone would help me with this and someone did, so there is real blood on one of the pages.

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