Reflective Entry [22/05/2017]

I have improved massively in my art skills while doing this project, I have demonstrated a lot of physical art skills throughout my final major project which I am really proud off because drawing techniques was my weakest skill at the time of my university skills and they highly recommended that I practice my skills which is why I chose to do a physical drawing project. I have made many changes in my project so far considering this is my 3rd idea for the FMP, I have made changes with the tools I am using in my bestiary from going from only pencil to using any writing/drawing tool I have available, I also have decided to change it from a neat bestiary to more of a on the move hunters manual so it will be battered and burnt and ripped up to give it some more depth. I have shown quite a few employ-ability skills while doing this project like in-dependency and organisation which are crucial to the majority of the job roles in this industry. I have not gained any feedback of my audience yet but I am planning on getting some as soon as possible by doing a survey.


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