Problem Solving

In this document I will be stating the Theoretical and Technical problems of my project and how I will be finding a solution for that problem and how it will help my project.

Theoretical Problem & Solution 1:

Problem – Narrowing down my broad audience to a specific demographic.

Solution – Look at the some of the most watched supernatural TV shows & films and see what demographic they hit within their audience and go from there.

Theoretical Problem & Solution 2:

Problem – What is the purpose of my product?

Solution – Do a survey on what my product will best fit in when it comes to book categories.

Theoretical Problem & Solution 3:

Problem – Can my product be used in education?

Solution – Yes it could be passed as an educational product because it teaches you about certain plants and teaches you a lot about mythology & folklore.

Theoretical Problem & Solution 4:

Problem – What art style will suit my product?

Solution – I am going to go with a realistic approach because it is going to historic features in it and I want it to be as realistic as possible so a realistic art style is best.

Technical Problem & Solution 1:

Problem – Will I change the way the book looks?

Solution – I am planning on burning some of the edges of my pages, putting rips on some and some fake blood marks.

Technical Problem & Solution 2:

Problem – How will I present it

Solution – The book will have cutouts of extra information that you can actually take out without it actually being just the book alone adding some immersion to it.

Technical Problem & Solution 3:

Problem – What happens when I can’t draw something in the book?

Solution – I will practice on another sketch book till I get the technique correct or watching some drawing tutorials.

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