Symptoms of Demonic Possession

If you think anyone you know could be possessed by a demon or a spirit look for these symptoms.

  1. Lethargy and Feeling Exhausted

  2. Chronic Illness

  3. Sudden onset of irritability, crankiness, or snappiness

  4. Anger or rage issues not previously present

  5. Drug or Alcohol Dependence

  6. Certain mental disorders like schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder

  7. Frequent nausea or stomach illness

  8. Feeling like the house you live in is always haunted

  9. Extreme and often dangerous mood fluctuations

  10. Any sudden behavioral or personality change

  11. A feeling of heaviness or pressure

  12. Feeling like you’re “dragging” or being weighed down on a frequent basis

  13. Developing new vices

  14. Negative outlook on life

  15. Finding yourself saying strange, gruesome, and morbid things

  16. Bizarre, haunting, and horrifying dreams

  17. If you’re spiritually inclined, being able to see or feel the same spirit, again and again. One who does not look or behave lovingly or compassionately, portrays deep, painful emotion when appearing to you, stands far away or comes in dreams only, and/or you have memories from childhood of this person.

  18. Someone else points out any of the above signs to you. More poignant if multiple people make the same observations

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