Sanc’tus Profile


Sanc’tus is one of the most dangerous Villains within the world of Paradox, he is one of the last living Mutated Witch Doctors and the most powerful, the reason there are very few left because of how powerful they actually are and how they are able to pose a threat to anyone or anything. Mutated Witch Doctors are normal Witch Doctors at first then they undergo an ancient ritual to gain the power they seek, they also bring an animal of their choosing and that animals soul will bind with theirs giving them features of that animal. Sanc’tus is an Aztec Witch Doctor that is why I decided to pick a snake for his spirit animal this is also the reason his is so powerful because snakes are one of the most deadliest creatures on earth.


Sanc’tus is physically stronger than any human allowing him to just pick up a full grown male without putting in any effort, he is also smarter than the majority of humans allowing him to access more of his brain and remember spells instantly. He has the power to control the minds of creatures normally seen as vermin like bats, snakes, rats and arachnids he can also cast a disease onto anyone who he sees fit to give it too.

Play style

Sanc’tus has a varied play style, his cards differ from loads of low cost cards and high cost cards and some low cost to mid cost spells and weapons allowing him to control the field really well, his ability Serpentine Blight allows him to poison one of the enemies minions for two turns dealing 1 damage per turn, considering this ability is really powerful is costs more than the usual abilities other characters have. He also has some cards in his deck that have the evolve feature allowing him to evolve some weaker minions using his points to make them stronger.

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