Reflective Entry 4 [13/03]

Today I finished my research for my Wendigo which includes a full origin story, mood board, features of the creature and a brief summary. I have been given feedback of Ben on my Proposal & Statement of Intent and corrected everything he asked me to. I have 1 more creatures to finish research for today which is an Upir, which I will upload to here tonight. I also got some positive feedback of Adam which I think will really benefit my game, he said ” You should add a evolution feature to my game, so say I summon a card called Undead Sorcerer then evolve it using Dark Points when killed enough enemies with it, then it will evolve to Demi Lich then eventually turn into Arch Lich.” I think this is an amazing idea because it is something that is very uncommon in card games and I think it would be good to add something new to the card game base theme.

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