Statement of Intent [09/03]

Statement of Intent

My project for Unit 13 is to create a Virtual Trading Card Game inspired by Hearthstone, Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic the Gathering, but strongly based on folklore because I feel like folklore is lost in this generation because technology is taking over and I think that folklore is getting left behind in history because of how old it is, a lot of folklore dates back thousands of years and have been passed down through generations but now are becoming lost fairy tales because people don’t find them important or interesting anymore which I want to change that. In this project I am going to show a variety of skills I will be using 3D Modelling for the cards and background, Graphic Design for the menus and cards, drawing for all the initial and final sketches and Game Design to create the demo.

For this project I am planning on making a playable demo of my game, it won’t be a finished product but a demo of what the game will be like when it is finished, this will include a Hero and Villain to play as which are not as of yet decided, these will be sketched first then touched up on paper using a biro/fine liner to make the lines cleaner and easier to trace when on Photoshop, then take it over to Photoshop and draw out the base lines and then start to add all the detail and features to the character then finally do all the shading to finish it off. This demo will also include 2 different backgrounds and boards to play on, one being based of the good characters and the other based of the bad characters, then I am going to have to create 30 cards for each character so 60 in total for the demo and then finally put it all together on unreal/unity depending on which is better for my game.

For my research I am going to be looking for books that include folklore and describe it well because I think this will help greatly with deciding the cards that I make, I will also be aiming to find as many factual videos that include folklore or series that I can watch that give backgrounds on folklore that will benefit how my game is developed, this will also help with creating the backstory for my game so I can describe to people the world of my game and how it works. I am going to be doing a lot of the research before I start the design process because it will give me a head start when creating the cards for each class, I think this because I will get to learn what I should put on the cards and I won’t be stuck for ideas which will waste time in the long run, but I will also be doing research while the project is going on to update my knowledge of the subject, I will reference all of my research to make sure I can prove I have used it correctly and that if I need to I can go back to it.

I am going to present this by creating a playable demo that has 2 classes to play as and 60 cards in total, I am hoping to have a printed rule book and backstory with it so people have insight into the world of my game.

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