Peer Feedback Session 1 [08/03]

Peer Feedback Session

During my feedback session I learnt that there are many things I could do that I haven’t yet explored like how Brodie said “You could take real historic people and give them a paranormal twist.” I really think this is an amazing idea because many people deep in history have some kind of myth behind them, some say they have a special power or they aren’t human and they are actually a creature, I could use this feedback of Brodie to my advantage when picking my cards or who I want my heroes/villains to be. I also got feedback of Dan saying “Look at the card games inspiring my game and look at what gives them their individuality.” I have used this piece of feedback to make sure I am not making my game too much like another card game so I don’t get called a copy, I also am going to use this to see what things make the big games successful and integrate that into my game as much as I can without it seeming like I am down right copying them games.

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