Reflective Entry 1 [27/02 -6/03]

After doing two mind maps for different ideas I have finalised my idea, for my Final Major Project I have decided to create my own Virtual Card Game based of Folklore, I am calling it Paradox based of the method we used to review our ideas in the first year, the Paradox method is where you take your idea or make it the opposite and if your idea still works its a good idea, I am using this to make reality the opposite on what it is, so instead of folklore being in a book or a fairy tale told throughout generations, instead all the creature from folklore are a reality. I started making the mind maps for my ideas on the 27/02 and that is how I decided my final idea I then wen’t on to drawing a design for a dinosaur card and it turned out really well I am hoping to definitely include it in my game. On the 01/03 I did my first sketch for what I wanted the cards to look like, this is not a final idea but it is what I have in mind but it make have somethings change on it throughout the first few weeks of the project. I started writing up what all the classes are going to be on the 2/03 and finishing today the 06/03 I have got 6 evil classes, 6 good classes and 4 neutral classes and the two factions are The Lunar Alliance which is the good faction and The Sanguinem Daemonia which is the evil faction. I have already started the process of my statement of intent and proposal and nearly finishing the proposal.

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