End of Year Show Evaluation

End of Year Show Evaluation

As a part of our Unit 13 brief we had to present our work at the end of year show, we got marked on how we presented our work which I think I did really well. With presenting my work I took inspiration from the TV Show Grimm where in some scenes they are in a trailer passed down through the protagonist’s family line in these scenes he is normally sat in front of a messy desk full of scrap pieces of paper out of the many bestiary’s he own while also reading from one of them. I took this and tried to recreate it as accurately as possible to make sure I gave the effect they were at the hunter’s desk while reading the book. Below is a picture of the final look I chose for my presentation even though I thought of a few other methods of presenting my work, I honestly feel this showed of my work the best.

With the sheets scattered around the book I made sure they linked to the book to add a darker effect to the book I also gave them an old/battered effect to make sure it links to the theme I was going with the book. I did not take a picture but our class has a plastic skull that’s just left around so I decided to put it just above my book to add to the dark effect but I forgot to take a picture when I made that amendment, I feel like my presentation went really well especially the layout I picked for it. I did make a small alteration when I placed it because I didn’t have the page on my book at first it was under it at this time the book looked really plain so I decided to take one of the pages and put it on the blank spot on the book I think this improved how my book looked, I think that if I had managed my time better before the presentation I could of found some old looking cloth and maybe some candles to add the desk effect to it which would of made my presentation a lot more aesthetically pleasing. The only thing I didn’t like was that I didn’t get to weather the book before the presentation as I had originally planned which I think would gave my book more depth and story to it this ties in with my time management before the presentation day. I didn’t get much feedback but I did get told that the way I presented it made it look genuine, Adam thought that I could do with another copy of the book so more than one person could read it in depth at the same time and Tim thought that if I had managed my time better I could of done the pages around it with printing techniques and calligraphy to make them look older.19576060_1364843956885436_567848264_n


My Theoretical Problem

The major problem with my project is trying to aim it at a specific audience, the reason for this is because I said the audience is people who like anything supernatural but that is way too broad of an audience so I will have to look at the audience of a lot of supernatural shows a decide when it comes to their audience what it is that they have in common, I also think that my final major product has an educational value to it because it will teach people (mainly the younger generation) about folklore and other things that link to the supernatural, the reason why this is a problem is that people may decide to just go online and look the stuff up and because of the modernisation of many supernatural things it won’t actually tell whoever looks it up everything they need to know which is what I want my bestiary to do, I want my bestiary to be as educational as possible which causes the problem of research because of this I will have to make sure that my research will be thorough and correct. I have done research into my audience to find out who they are, when doing this I realised that my audience is 16 to early 20s which backs up my idea of teaching younger people about Folklore and Mythology, another thing I was happy about when finding this out is that all my peers fall into that age range meaning I can ask them for feedback and it will really help that the feedback I get is from my target audience, I have also done research on books containing Folklore and Mythology, while doing this research I realised a lot of the books are just words with no illustrations which doesn’t appeal to my target audience as much as a book with illustrations does which links to the idea of my book having an educational value to it for younger people because they will be drawn to it because it has illustrations.

Reflective Entry 13 [16/06/2017]

Today I have finally finished my Final Evaluation and Presentation Document for the end of Unit 13, I am very happy with how my product has turned out yet it still needs a few improvements before it can be presented at the end of year show, I do think that I have managed my time today as well as I could finishing the Final Evaluation and Presentation Document within a two hour period, I have made sure my grammar and spellings are correct and read through them to make sure they both make sense. Now I have something in for every task so I will make sure I make any improvements I can next week and I will update this again when I am making the improvements.



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Presentation Document

This Document will contain three different ways I can present my work in the End of Year Show, I will be summarising each of the three ways and say why it is effective but I will also be stating the disadvantages of each of three ways.

Presentation Style 1:

For this one I wanted to scan each one of my pages and touch them up on photoshop and create a e-book for my book, this is effective because it will allow me to add extra effects to the book to make it more aesthetically pleasing to the viewer and also to project my book from any damage just in case the book falls and gets damaged or someone accidentally rips a page or somehow damages it in anyway but the disadvantages of this one is that it will take away the effect I was going for with a with a hand drawn and hand written book and the feeling of turning the page to see another page that nice little surprise is taken away with an e-book.

Presentation Style 2:

The Second way I could present it is having a table and putting a cloth onto it then getting a pedestal for the book and putting the book on it allowing people to easily go through the book without having to hold it, I was also thinking of putting random pieces of paper on the desk with certain information on things and random sketches to make it seem like it’s the hunters desk. This is effective because it will look aesthetically pleasing and will have a very nice effect to it, the disadvantages to this one is that I need to find a pedestal to put the book on then produce all the little sheets of paper and then figure out where to find an oldy looking cloth to put on the table.

Presentation Style 3:

The final way I could present my project is dressing up as the hunter and presenting it from his point of view meaning that I would be speaking about the things in the book like I have encountered them, to give this more of an effect I will also be using the desk from Presentation Style 2 just without the pedestal I will also make some fake business cards. I think this is really effective because it allows them to ask me questions about the book and I can answer them from the books point of view and it will also allow them to delve into the world in the book more, the disadvantages are high with this one because I don’t have anything to wear that could link to this hunter and I also don’t have enough time to make loads of business cards.



Final Evaluation

When I started Unit 13 I initially started out making a Hand Drawn Book of Prehistoric Creatures that I have made myself, I really liked this idea at the time because it allowed me to create my own Prehistoric Creatures and allowed me to touch up on my sketching skills which I was recommended to do after my Salford University Interview, but I then changed my idea because I realised I wouldn’t be able to produce enough work for this Project. My second idea was to make a Virtual Trading Card Game called Paradox which was solely based off Mythical Creatures & Folklore from around the world this was going well till I realised that there was no way I was going to get a product with the time I had to finish the project so I decided to make a Hunters Manual/Bestiary all hand written and hand drawn which still helps with my sketching skills and I was still able to use the research from my Card Game on this book. I did manage to achieve what I set out to do with my project because the mixture of tools I have used and the way the book has been slightly worn down makes it look like a hunter has used it while on the move while I also made sure that there were no spelling mistakes and that the research done on each page was enough for me to fill the page.

My project was really technical a lot more than I originally thought because I had to figure out the most realistic way I could draw an unrealistic thing which was really hard at the start because I had to think about realistic shading and detail but when I got into a routine of doing it I started to become a habit, I realised that I couldn’t just draw the things of the top of my head I had to do extensive research into that creature, plant, material or weapon to make sure that I was making it as realistic as possible which was hard for me because I am used to drawing more unrealistic things. I used more than one tool to write and draw in the book with to add to its realistic effect because if the hunter is on the run he won’t always have access to the same writing tool, then I got recommended to add damage to the book like ripping some of the pages, adding coffee stains, adding water damage, adding blood stains and burning the edges of some of the pages to make the book look weathered which will make sure the book looks realistic and look like it has been on the move for a long time and add a bit more depth to the book itself.

For my Project I tried to make my book look as realistic as possible for a Hunters Manual/Bestiary so at first I got a black sketchbook that had a hardback cover, luckily it had beige pages which already added a weathered look to it, then I got feedback on using different tools for the writing and drawing to make it seem like he had to keep finding new tools to write with to improvise, I will also be weathering the book using fire to burn the edges of certain pages, coffee stains, water damage and ripping the pages a bit to give it as much realism as possible.

When it came to the Post Production part of my project I was a bit stuck on what to do because of how hard it would be to copy a sketch I have done and actually liked it to my Final Product so I decided to produce some rough sketches of things instead of doing full blown drawings to touch up on my sketching skills for the final product but I still made sure that the sketches were related to the project, this really helped when it came to starting the finished product and made me a lot more confident with myself and my drawing techniques. I think my post production was technically well produced because It helped with idea generation so I knew what I wanted in the book when I started it, it helped with how well the drawings look finally in the book and how the shading and detail complemented them.

During my Project, I did encounter many problems with my work which I knew was going to happen with a hand drawn project, especially considering these drawings were highly detailed. When I started the project, I was thinking it was going to be easy because of my Art & Design background and my wealthy knowledge of the supernatural but when I started it I realised how hard it actually was doing the drawings and making sure they were as accurate as possible and always making sure my spelling and grammar around the drawing was correct. One of the main problems I faced with a lot of drawings was realism, because many of the things in the book are things of myth it was quite hard to draw a realistic version of them considering that they are not realistic things so I had to do extensive research on these creatures to make sure when I came to drawing them I had done it as realistic as possible, I didn’t want to make anything look way to far-fetched. There were a few things I wanted to do but couldn’t because of how expensive it would have been, I wanted to get the book covered in genuine leather to make it seem like a family heirloom and get a wax crest put on it which will only add to the heirloom effect I wanted to go with but this would of cost too much to get done professionally so instead of this I am going to carve a symbol into the front of the book.

When it comes to the audience of my project I was trying to aim at a younger audience seen as mythology seems to interest them, I know this by doing research into the fan base of many Supernatural TV Series like Teen Wolf, Originals and Supernatural and the majority of their viewers seem to be between the age of 16 to 21 so late teens to early twenties seems to be the main audience I was going to be aiming this book at, because of this at first I was going to make it so the book was done in the medieval times but when I found out what my audience would be I changed that idea and made it so the book is based in the modern days, because of this I used a lot more modernised language and weapons in the book and will add things like coffee cup stains to add the modern effect to it, I think this will allow the audience to relate to the writer of the book more. I think the best parts of my project are the actual drawings within the book I feel like they are well done and doing them made me more confident with my drawing skills, I would say the worst part about my project is how every single page is layout very similar to the others I think this could put people of reading through it because it will get very repetitive and could bore them even though the content on each page is different unless stated.

Even though I had to change my project schedule three times because I changed my project three times I did still manage to adhere to my schedule and managed to get everything done that I wanted to by the deadline, I did get a lot of help from peer during this project through feedback they really did help me when I was stuck on what to put in my book they also gave me ideas on what to do to the book to make it look weathered which was the look I was going for, my peers feedback was very essential to my project seen as they are part of my audience and their feedback did really benefit my project. During this project, I never fell behind schedule which I was really proud of because normally I have poor time management skills but I think it set in that this project is the thing that I get my final grade from so I stepped up my game, I did miss some days which I think could of allowed me to get more pages done in the book which I should have taken advantage of but I didn’t but I will keep this in mind for when I do my next project.

Smart Target [25/05/2017]

S – I am going to start and hopefully complete a planning document that links to all the things I am going to be doing to the book like effects and extras.

M – Complete the document and post it on my blog.

A – I can do this within the time I have given myself because I have all the ideas in my head ready to put it in the document.

R – This is relevant because it allows me to express my ideas in an easier to understand way, I also think this will help improve my grade on the planning section.

T – 11:20 – 2:00

Reflective Entry 12 [24/05/2017]

Today I had a 1 to 1 with Beth and she said I really need to add more planning documents to my project which will show how I have planned my book and what will be going into it. Most of all this was changing the look of the book, we decided that considering that the book is a Hunters Manual/Bestiary it was obvious that the Hunter would be carrying it around with him all the time which means the book would sustain some damage while being carried around, so we had the idea to weather the book. I have made a list of all the things I could add to the book to weather it and give the book depth and a bit of hidden story behind it.

  • Ripping – I think that ripping some of the pages on the edges will add a nice effect to it and will definitely show that it has been through some battles, I also though that ripping a page out partly would give the effect that there was something important on that page that the hunter didn’t want anyone to know, this would make the reader think of what it could be adding a mysterious effect to the book.
  • Coffee Stains – Because I have set my book in Modern Times I thought it would be fitting to add a few coffee cup stain on some of the pages and add some spilt coffee on a page or two to show that he could of been interrupted while writing the book.
  • Burning – Some of the creatures are linked to fire e.g. Willow O’ Wisp so I was thinking that burning a bit of the page around the edges would add a dangerous effect to it complimenting the creatures behaviour.
  • Water Damage – The hunter will have encounters that will require him to go into the water either to attack something or escape something causing water damage on some of the pages.
  • Blood – When he is writing a page at least one of the times he will get attacked causing him to bleed on one of the pages, we were going to use something for fake blood but it wouldn’t give the same effect because blood goes brown after a while so I asked the class to see if anyone would help me with this and someone did, so there is real blood on one of the pages.

Smart Target [24/05/2017]

S – I am going to complete in total 2 pages today.

M – Get two pages done within a specific time.

A – I can physically do this within the time I have given myself because I have done the research ready for it.

R – This is relevant because it is more pages added to my final product.

T – 2:30 – 5:00

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